We are APGG, a team of artists based in Atlanta, Georgia, with over 10 years experience in ultra-custom embroidery. Back in 1999, we launched an Internet company called stuff4GREEKS, where members of fraternities and sororities can order custom clothing and merchandise. Always aspiring to do more than just sew letters on a shirt, we ended up becoming known for our elaborately embroidered jacket backs.

Over the years, we noticed that many of our customers wanted their full-blown portraits to be embroidered on the back of their jacket. Since it was such a new and unique form of artistry, we thought it would be cool for everyone to have embroidered portraits on the wall. Just for fun, we embroidered every staff member’s portrait and hung them around our office, which we call “The Dream Factory” (a term coined for us by one of our customers). Eventually, it turned into a spin-off brand called Mugstitch. At Mugstitch, we do one thing and we do it exceptionally well: make custom embroidered portraits.

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